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This is a demo wiki for the usage of Bootstrap Components to e.g. the Chameleon, Medik or Tweeki skin.

A lot of examples on the Boostrap homepage cannot be applied to MediaWiki as is for various reasons. This wiki tries to provide examples adapted for use with MediaWiki.

At the moment this wiki only covers examples provided by the skin itself without the help of the BootstapComponents extension.

15 components with 31 examples documented by our users and still counting! You are invited to join and add more examples.


Name Description Provider
Accordion A group of collapsible cards in which opening one card closes all others. BootstrapComponents
Alert An alert provides contextual feedback messages for typical user actions. Skin, BootstrapComponents
Badge A badge provides a way to label content. Skin, BootstrapComponents
Breadcrumb A breadcrumb indicates the current page’s location within a navigational hierarchy that automatically adds separators via CSS. Skin
Button A set of button styles that can link to pages in the wiki. BootstrapComponents
Card A card is a flexible and extensible content container. It includes options for headers and footers, a wide variety of content, contextual background colors, and powerful display options. Skin, BootstrapComponents
Card deck A card deck adds cards as a single, un-attached element with equal width and height columns. Skin
Card group A card group adds cards as a single, attached element with equal width and height columns. Skin
Carousel A carousel cycles through images, like a slide show. BootstrapComponents
Collapse Toggle the display of a large amount of content with a button. BootstrapComponents
Jumbotron Lightweight, flexible component for showcasing hero unit style content. BootstrapComponents
List group A list group is used to display a series of content. Skin
Modal A dialog box that is displayed on top of the current page. BootstrapComponents
Popover A small pop-up box that appears next to a button when it's clicked, but that can contain more content than a tooltip. BootstrapComponents
Tooltip Displays a tooltip when hovering over an element. BootstrapComponents