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This is a demo wiki for using Bootstrap within MediaWiki, available with, e.g., the Chameleon, Medik, or Tweeki skins.

For various reasons, primarily because it disallows certain HTML tags, one can only use a few examples from the Bootstrap homepage on a regular MediaWiki instance. This wiki provides examples adapted for use with MediaWiki. Furthermore, bootstrap components available only available in MediaWiki through the BootstrapComponents extension, are also displayed here.

Components are predefined elements or features you can easily add to the wiki to build responsive and visually appealing user interfaces.

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Several CSS classes for coloring backgrounds, borders, and text are available, which you can use for components and other elements.

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You can use a series of CSS classes to build layouts of all shapes and sizes with responsible (mobile-friendly) columns and rows.

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We invite you to join and add more examples!