Karsten Hoffmeyer

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I am one of the most active editors on MediaWiki.org and the most active editor on Semantic-MediaWiki.org from where you most probably know me best.

I also help translate the system messages for MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, and extensions at TranslateWiki.net where I also do translations for other free and Open-Source software projects. I am also active on WikiIndex.org and on WikiAPIary.com. In the Free Software Directory I see to it, that the listings of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki are up-to-date.

In October 2015 I commenced providing MediaWikiWidgets.org for the community as well as until March 2019 Semantic MediaWiki - Sandbox. In July 2016 the MediaWiki Foreground Skin and in March 2017 the MediaWiki Pivot Skin demo wiki followed.

In December 2015 I took over administering Semantic-MediaWiki.org and in March 2019 Semantic MediaWiki - Sandbox.